Short Story: Orange Girl

Orange girl, short romance story. It is easy to have your way with a woman, without being misunderstood when she is at her lowest...

It is easy to have your way with a woman, without being misunderstood; when she is at her lowest.
That woman is me.

There was a Charles, we had caught glimpses of each other a lot when I sold fruits at Nkpor junction. He was a good customer. I was all about business, so I couldn’t get a good look at him, but his smile was evidently beautiful.

As time went by, I tried a few other means of earning money. One of those was ushering. It wasn’t that sophisticated type, as no one owned me. I just went along with any offer that would pay me immediately, and better.

Last weekend, I was told of an event at Awka, and I was to work there. I had so much to do with money, that I couldn’t verify all the details, it was short notice too.
I went there, and worked so hard, so as to not get a deduction. We finished at about 8 pm, and my wage was paid into my bank account.

It was time to retire, so I asked the coordinator where I would be resting for the night. He simply laughed a bit and told me that I had been paid, so I should be able to pay for a hotel room.

Yo! That wasn’t my plan. Paying for a hotel room in Awka would take everything I worked for, plus I had only a few five hundred naira notes, I didn’t have my ATM card, and hadn’t registered for mobile transfers.

I sat by the entrance of the hall thinking very hard as to what next to do, going back to Nkpor was out of it, it was already too late to travel.
About ten minutes of fruitless thinking passed, and I could feel my cheeks wet with tears. I stood up, picked up my bag and left the hall area with no way out, of my head.

I was nonchalantly counting my steps towards the compound exit when a Lexus driving in had all its headlights shining on me. I moved away to the other side and could hear, “Sweet oranges!” Someone was shouting that towards my direction.

I turned around and it was Charles. I wasn’t sure how to react.
“What business do you have here?” I could see his bright smile and all the curiosity in his eyes.
“I worked as an usher here. What about you?” I asked timidly.

“I own here, I came to quickly check if everything is in order, but it’s already late. Hop in let me drop you off at your destination.”
“I do not have a destination. They promised accommodation for the night, but plans changed.” My head facing the ground all through, so he doesn’t see my tears.

“You shouldn’t cry, I’m here now. You’re safe now, Okay?” His arms around me felt like it was the first time. I was being hugged. He walked me to his car and held the door open for me, a gentleman.

His house was around the area. We got in, and it was the most beautiful and comfortable place in the world. I didn’t have to do anything as he told me.
He brought me neatly folded pyjamas, they seemed new.

“I’ll show you the washroom. When you’re done, go into that room and change.” He sounded like a controller, I love audacious men, men of authority.
I finished and was in the short white towel, I knew that I looked like an agent of seduct¡on. There were many doors, and I entered the one I thought was it.

You already know! I was in the wrong room. Charles was in there, unc|ad and on a couch. He noticed me before I could run away.
“If you keep running like that, you could get injured. It’s okay, I’m not upset.” He moved a robe by his left and wore it leisurely.

I was so scared and started making my way to the door. “You can change here if you’re scared. You’re safe with me…I’m not looking.” He lied! He looked!

I stepped on my trousers, lost my balance, and couldn’t find the left hole. My bůms were out and the short towel had fallen off. While I wriggled, to avoid alerting kind Mr Charles, I felt a soft palm land on my left bům, the palm squeezed it. I stood, frozen, trying to process what it was, when I heard a really soft, sweet, and low voice, “Allow me to help you, orange girl.” All right, I needed so much help, with just everything.

Charles spun me around, and my bosoms rested nearly below his chest. He was taller, had broad shoulders, had soft hairs on his chest, and was built, with strong muscles, and clear skin. I didn’t know why it took me that long to see that Charles was in every way an almost perfect man; it didn’t matter before the moment anyway.

He helped drag the trousers to fit, while he stared at my bůms. “You know what? Fvck it!” He lifted me with so much ease and threw me on his king-sized bed.
Yo! It felt good. He threw off his robe, and dragged the pyjamas away, tearing through the top with his fingers_that was impressive.

Charles was starved, nothing else would explain why he rushed on me like that. “Oh my God! You’re so clean…” He muttered something else I didn’t hear, before burying his head in my between. It was ecstasy. A man like Charles is the kind any woman would feel honoured to be wanted by, or not.

We travelled around the rooms, with his pen¡s buried inside of me. It was a sweet, long adventure, with so many sweet sounds, words and laughter, before it finally came to a halt.

Charles looked so happy afterwards. He washed my entire body, applied some ointment on me, wore me a robe, and carried me to the kitchen, where he served us food.

We ate and talked.
“Usually I would apologise, but no! I do not feel any remorse. What is your name, orange girl?” His eyes shone, and his lips looked berries, and I couldn’t keep my gaze on his eyes.

“Mhm, Dinta, my name is Dinta.”
“I like it, I want you to stop calling me Mr Charles, okay? Call me babe. I also want you in my space, huh? I want you next to me always.”
“What does that mean? I really have to work, and …”
“Shhh! You can’t call me babe and still work. You should rest now, Okay? You have me, and you’re safe now.”

I ate my food like it would be the last of the fruit seller me. I do not know what the future holds, but I feel my life has changed over the weekend, and forever.

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Enyo Dinta

A once upon a time lover, an asexual, the author of Holes Within, and Vain Intercourse, attached to nothing/nobody, I do not like my own company. I can try to love you, if you help me. I like bodies rubbing on bodies, why I love to create erotica.

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  1. This write up ? Nahh !!! You really are a seductress . Nice work !!!! Good job . If felt so real……as though I was was real !!!!!!!! Keep up the good work. You’ll go places

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