I visited my boyfriend’s home for the first time, last weekend.The kind of relationship I have with Ese makes it difficult to live the usual kind of life.We made plans, really long term plans. I mean, we could plan on a movie to be seen on April 15th, 2026. The […]

I remember living in a riverine area, before now.I used to think that my family wasn’t ideal, but being away from it, shows me how ideal it was.There was freedom, I could do anything I wanted, spoke to anyone about my emotions, I could go extra, maybe broke a thing […]


It is easy to have your way with a woman, without being misunderstood; when she is at her lowest.That woman is me. There was a Charles, we had caught glimpses of each other a lot when I sold fruits at Nkpor junction. He was a good customer. I was all […]