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69 thoughts on “Online Voting Page

  1. Contestants 12 Elizabeth she’s such a wonderful person and a damsel an motivational person πŸ‘Œ you deserve it girl.

  2. Contestant-9 (Precious) is indeed the pearl amongst the crowd. Her pose says it all; bold and gorgeous, simply befitting for the face of May.

  3. Contestant 9- Precious Ugochi is in no doubt deserving to be the face of May 2020. Her beauty, eloquency, spirit of hardwork and sociability distinguishes her and makes her outstanding from others!

  4. Praise Thom Daniel deserves this award, uncompromising human being..trully without no doubt he merit it

  5. Praise Daniel is unique being I known for yrs,she truly deserves the award for her uncompromising nature for humanity 🌹🌹πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  6. Contestant 12 deserve to wear the crown
    She is beautiful and fit for the crown

  7. Contestant 9 #preciousugochi in no doubts deserves to be crowned the winner… Beyond her beauty lies a rare Spirit of BRAIN AND HARDWORK.

    1. Contestant 9
      #preciousugochi is a shooting star she deserves to wear the crown
      She is a star that everyone benefits not only from her light but of every good things inside of her, she is a RARE GEMS

  8. Emmanella Rowlland deserves the crown. She’s got every attribute of a
    true champion. A beautiful and matured damsel. Cool and calm, brilliant and ingenious!

    1. Elizabeth Ikebuwa truly deserves the price, she’s a true example of fun,kind,loving and a wonderful leader who never gives up for what she wants. She’s a queen.

    1. Yes! Rowland Emmanuella
      deserves the crown. Such a great lady of impact!😘

    2. Rowland Emmanuelle is a role model, she deserves this prize and even more… She has no replica

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